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[GMOD] Shimu Glimu Ha! by Tehwatever
[GMOD] Shimu Glimu Ha!
Always remember to practice your Ki-Blasts safely--that means you shouldn't do it in the middle of a public road, you shouldn't do it near public properties or properties that you do not own, and finally you should always inform the authorities and your neighbors about your Ki-Blasting related activities.

Organize your activities with them if possible. Train when it is most convenient for everyone, to ensure the safety of the public and to make your Ki-Blasting sessions enjoyable and hassle-free.

If your practice sessions are organized, then there is less chance of a random pony walking into your training zone.

The last thing you want is to accidentally Ki-Blast a random bystander or a traveler.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters portrayed in this picture.

Credit goes to:
:icondiscopears: for the MLP scenery models
:iconaeridiccore: for the Sunset Shimmer model and the Starlight Glimmer model
:iconlongsword97: for the Moondancer model
Flexing in pony-town by Tehwatever
Flexing in pony-town
"They're flexible, yet sturdy, not unlike the ones strong male ponies usually have" she thought to herself while unconsciously biting her lips. 
With her hooves, the unicorn poked and prodded his flexed biceps. Her horn was glowing faintly as she used magic to push, pull and rub on the upper section of the rectus abdominis.
Equally excited and intrigued, the pony finally said to the faceless figure, "DEEZ GAINZ! Tell me about them!"

"Well, my little pony...that's a story for another time"

Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me

Credit goes to :iconedplus: :iconsrick: :icondracagon: :icondiscopears: :icontifu: :iconveryoldbrony: for the mlp scenery models.
[GMOD] Mecha-Anime Fight Scene by Tehwatever
[GMOD] Mecha-Anime Fight Scene
"Why must you always destroy everything?! If it weren't for you...if only you never existed!"
"Uwaaa! She's really going to kill us!"

...okay, I don't know the first thing about anime dialogues...also I really like the Gundam ragdoll for Gmod, so I figured I would make another screenshot with it
Why was Fluttershy there?

Disclaimer: All assets in this picture do not belong to me.
[GMOD] Mid-air magic duel by Tehwatever
[GMOD] Mid-air magic duel
Trying out the Magic Aura effect, posing, greens screen and camera angle. Damn, these gmod pony models are tough to pose.
I was going to submit this to the January Monthly Contest in the Gmod-Ponies group for the theme: Ponies in air Battle...
Big thanks to :icontaco-hand: for the magical aura tutorial.
Update: Title

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this picture.
[GMOD] Starlight's un-amusement by Tehwatever
[GMOD] Starlight's un-amusement
Starlight Glimmer could have levitated the Stormtrooper twelve feet above ground for a much better view, but the Stormtrooper said he was scared of height--so who let him pilot the starfighter, anyway?

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this picture.


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